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Girl Awarded $72 Million After Vicious Dog Attack

Erin Ingram was just 8 years old when she was mauled by two pit bulls in 2010. Ingram lost most of her arm, and the other was disfigured in the attack; her ankles are still severely scarred.

A DeKalb County, Georgia, jury has ordered a $72 million payment to Ingram and her family. The Daily Mail reported that Ingram’s medical bills are expected to exceed $1 million as she grows and needs new prosthetics and medical treatments. 

The dogs were owned by Twyann Vaughn, Ingram’s neighbor, who served 16 months in jail for the attack. Vaughn was convicted of six misdemeanor counts, including reckless conduct and owning a vicious dog.

Following the attack, Vaughn apologized to the family “I'm just very, very sorry that it all happened,” she said.

The dogs reportedly frequently roamed the Lithonia neighborhood and bit children before Ingram was attacked. Neighbors came to help Ingram as she screamed for help, but they couldn’t pry the dogs away from her. 

DeKalb Police Sgt. R. Peeler arrived and used his baton to try to stop the dogs, but they were still acting aggressively. He then shot one of the dogs, while the other one ran away. The dog was later apprehended and euthanized.

"They were biting me on my arms and on my ankles," Ingram told the jury. "I was screaming for help.” Ingram’s attorneys told WSB-TV that the jury’s award was one of the largest in a dog attack case. 

Source: Daily Mail, WSB-TV Image via Daily Mail


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