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Girl Gives Meal To Homeless Man, Goes Viral (Video)

A video showing a young girl giving her dinner to a homeless man outside a restaurant has gone viral (video below).

Eddie Scott was having dinner with his daughter, Ella, in Monterey, California, when they noticed a homeless man sitting on a bench outside the restaurant. When the video begins, Ella is asking her father if she can "give him some" of her food.

"Go, go, you got it," Eddie says.

Ella then takes her plate and silverware outside and hands them to the man, who sets the plate down on the bench and starts eating.

"Good job, Ella," Eddie says when she returns. "I think we just made his day. I think you just made his week."

Eddie then asks his daughter how it makes her feel to help a person in need.

"I like it," she says.

Eddie uploaded the video to Facebook on Aug. 31. In 10 days, it had been viewed over 33 million times and shared over 19,000 times.

In a phone interview with Your Daily Dish, Eddie explained he is divorced from Ella's mother and only sees Ella twice each week.

"We used to live in New York so this isn't the first time we've come across this kind of situation," he said.

"This was a great opportunity to show her it is important to give back to the community, especially those less fortunate," he explained. "It made her feel good and it made me feel good too. I'm proud of her."

Sources: YouTube, Eddie Scott/Facebook, Your Daily Dish / Photo Credit: Your Daily Dish

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