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Girl Allegedly Raped Aboard Carnival Cruise By Teen Boys, Married Man

A teenage girl was allegedly gang-raped by several young teenage boys -- and a married man -- on board a Carnival cruise this past week.

The accused man, Casey Dickerson, denies that he raped anyone but was arrested on Sunday. Charged with sexual assault without bail at Orange County Jail, Dickerson claims that he  passed out from alcohol consumption while the rapes took place.

While denying the rape charge, Dickerson admits to buying alcohol for the young boys and carrying on adulterous affairs on board the ship. Checking out his own room, Dickerson and four other boys invited two teenage girls into the cabin that day.

One of the victims, a 15-year-old girl, told authorities that she and her friend were given alcohol, cornered in the bathroom by one of the boys in the cabin and repeatedly raped. Throughout the evening, the boys took turns with the girls, encouraging each other to try different positions.

The Daily Mail reports that after the young girls were released, they made their way to the ship's medical center so they could could get care for their wounds.

The FBI, alerted by Carnival officials, is currently investigating the incident. One of the boys claims that Dickerson encouraged them to have sexual relations with the girls.

As standard procedure, no underage individual involved in the case has been named.


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