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Girl Admits to Hitting Boy in Testicles While Having Sex in School Bus With Another Male

A female high school student, 18, recently admitted that she hit a boy, 13, in the testicles on a school bus after he “began to laugh and chuckle” when the girl “expelled wind from the vulva” while she was having sex in a school bus.

The incident reportedly happened in Armstrong County, Pa., back on Jan. 17.

According to the police report by Pennsylvania State Trooper Brad Jordan, “Both the victim and the accused were riding school bus. The accused expelled wind from the vulva during coitus while at the back of the bus.”

“[The victim] began to laugh and chuckled at the accused for her actions. The accused approached the victim and elbowed him in the testicles,” added the police report, noted The Smoking Gun.

The Pennsylvania State Police actually changed the original police report, which included the word "queef," and issued a new police report without it.

According to the International Business Times, the second police report read, "A known person is alleged of striking the victim during a verbal disagreement while on the bus. Investigation continues.”

The female student pleaded guilty yesterday in court to one harassment count. However, the girl was not charged for the reported bus sex.

Sources: The Smoking Gun and International Business Times


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