Girl Accidentally Burns Down Family's Home While Playing With Fireworks


A 10-year-old girl in Texas is responsible for accidentally burning down her family’s home in the early afternoon on New Year’s Eve, and now her family is trying to figure out how to move forward after losing everything.

Rebecca Berrios was on her front porch playing with Roman Candles while her 12-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister were playing in the yard. At a certain point, one of the fireworks ignited and caused a chain reaction with the other fireworks. Eventually, other items on the porch started to catch on fire. Berrios’ father was doing work in the backyard when a neighbor alerted him about the fire that erupted in front of the home.

"I lost everything, but not my faith. I got my faith," said the young girl’s father Marcos Berrios.

The neighbor that alerted Marcus says that he helped safely evacuate the family from the home when the fire was smaller.

"Within talking to him, it was a small fire,” said the neighbor Damien Alexander. “By the time we got the family out and I called 911. The whole porch was engulfed and the house was covered in black smoke.”

All five people in the family were able to escape, along with their dogs, unharmed, but virtually everything that was in the house was completely destroyed.

"It's just a house,” said Rebecca’s 13-year-old sister Lesly Berrios. “The important thing is we're all safe together.”

Neighbors and people in the community are coming together today to donate clothing and essential items to the family.


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