Girl, 7, Beaten Unconscious by Classmates (Video)


A 7-year-old girl was beaten unconscious by her classmates on Tuesday at the Thomas Claggett Elementary School in District Heights, Md.

At the time of the attack, there were reportedly 75 children in the school gymnasium, but only five teachers, who did not see the beating.

The unidentified girl was taken via ambulance to Children's Hospital in Washington D.C. where she was found to have suffered a mild concussion, notes

"That's my baby. I bring her to school and that's the least thing I expect is a phone call informing me that my daughter is unconscious,” the girl's mother, Phersephone Holland, told My Fox DC (video below).

"Notice needs to be sent out because next time it could be a little pocket knife or a gun to school,” added Holland. "It's serious. A child was unconscious today. It could have been worse than that. She could have died."

The girl's father, Rodney Smyers, says his daughter has been attacked before.

"One incident, she came home, she had a split in her lip," stated Smyers. "It's an ongoing problem."

Holland says her daughter will not be going back to Claggett Elementary School because her life is in danger.

Prince George’s County Public Schools spokesperson Max Pugh says there is an investigation of the assault.

Sources: My Fox DC and The Root


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