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Girl, 6, Steals Car and Crashes into Utility Pole

A 6-year-old Pittsburgh girl stole her mother’s car keys Sunday morning and attempted to drive a car across town to see her father.

Though a valiant effort on behalf of the 6-year-old, she crashed into a couple of parked cars and a utility pole along the way. The girl’s mother was apparently sleeping at the time of the incident.

Though Pittsburgh police Sgt. Jerry Parker suggests the girl is a little tall for her age, it is unclear regarding how she learned how to drive a car.

"How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine,” he said.

The girl apparently was driving down the street when she hit two parked vehicles, which pushed those into a third vehicle. Then, the little girl took off and ran into a utility pole, which stopped the car and was when the police were called to the scene by neighbors.

"When she was coming toward me, I was like, 'what is she doing?'" neighbor Rommie Hawkins told CBS Pittsburgh. "I couldn't tell it was a young girl at the time, so I kind of just stepped behind the tree. She hit the curb here, then she took off and I was looking at her, that's when I saw that she was a child and I was like, 'stop, stop, stop.'"

The girl was picked up by her father from the police. The name of the little girl has not been released, and it is unclear as of now if there will be any charges filed against the parents. 

Source: CBS


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