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Girl, 19, Too Old to Attend Boyfriend's Prom

Talk about ridiculous rules: A Florida high school student is not allowed to bring his girlfriend to his senior prom because she is "too old." She is 19.

According to a report from WTSP-TV in Tampa, Wiregrass Ranch High School has an iron-clad rule that says that in order to attend the 2011 prom, guests "must be must be high school age or a 2010 high school graduate."

At 19, Tiffany Gall is apparently not high school age. And she graduated from the school in 2009. So she can't attend the prom with her boyfriend of two years, Chris Kluender. 

"I didn't think anything would be an issue, that it would come to this, but here we are," said Chris, who is 18. "I just want to take my girlfriend to the prom."

The two are "good kids," in Chris's words. They were both active in school activities, got good grades and were never in any trouble.

"We tried to do this the right way, you know? We asked permission," said Tiffany.

But permission was denied.

"If I have to make an exception for her, where does it stop?  We know they are good people, but I can't have adults at a high school dance," said principal Ray Bonti. "Parents trust me to take care of their kids. I can't have older adults there."

He added, "We understand he is a great young man, and he can bring any one of the 2,100 other students to the prom."

But Chris will either go to the prom with Tiffany, or he won't go to the prom at all. The couple plans to go out to dinner with friends before the dance, then hang out and wait for it to end and hook up with their buddies for more celebrating.

"If it's not fixed by this year, I'd like to see this fixed in the future, so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Because it's not fair," said Chris.


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