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Teen Found Guilty In Kidnapping Of Elderly Woman

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A 15-year-old girl was found guilty of the kidnapping of an 86-year-old woman.

KateLynn Kenfield is one of three teens responsible for the kidnapping of Hazel Abel, who was taken from her home in November 2015. Kenfield was found guilty and was charged as a minor. Trials are planned for the other two accused of the kidnapping, 15-year-old Billy Underwood and Abel's great-grandson, 16-year-old Dyllan Martin. Underwood and Martin will be tried as adults.

The woman was driven in the trunk of her car for hundreds of miles, reported KPTV at the time of the incident.

Abel, of Kennwick, Washington, was unaware of who her kidnappers were during the six-hour incident, which began when she was taken from her doorstep on Nov. 2. The teens were reportedly planning to kill Abel and use her car as a getaway vehicle.

"I opened the door and they threw dirt from the flower bed right in my face," Abel told KPTV in November. One of the teens then grabbed her and and put her on her back in the entryway of her house.

"Then they put their hands over my mouth because I was screaming. Over my mouth and my eyes and I never saw anybody," she said. While in the trunk, she was able to get her hands free and made a move to escape when the car stopped.

"I come under whatever it was that fit in my hand and I pulled it, and when I pulled it the lid came up."

The teens reportedly stole a butcher's knife from Abel's kitchen, something Abel was not aware of until after the incident was over.

She told KPTV she "cannot understand why" her grandson would do something like that to her, and the only reason she can think is that they wanted her money and car.

"I had told Dylan that I love him and things but I guess that doesn't matter," she said.

Kenfield's attorney, Scott Johnson, requested that the verdict in her case be written so that he could explain it to her due to her young age. Judge Amanda Quintana ultimately decided that the verdict should be announced rather than written, as the case had garnered the interest of the public.

"This is part of why this country is going to hell in a handbasket. We Kardashianize everything," Johnson said, angered by the judge's decision.

Kenfield, who was 14 at the time of the incident, was found guilty of first-degree kidnapping.

Sources: Tri-City Herald, KPTV / Photo credit: KPTV

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