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Girl, 14, Defends Herself Against Intruder with Bow-and-Arrow (Video)

A Volusia County, Fla. a teen girl used a bow-and-arrow to defend herself against an intruder last Saturday morning.

Mariah Reed said the doorbell of her home started ringing at about 5:30 a.m (video below).

The 14-year-old girl was home alone and turned off the house alarm system because she thought it was her mom, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

"I was in my room, didn't think much of it, thought it was my mom, but after a while a heard a lady's voice, it wasn't my mom's voice," Reed told My Fox Orlando.

"I kind of panicked, I grabbed my bow out of my closet, and I opened my door right quick and held it up to her, like almost near her forehead," added Reed, who confronted a female intruder in the living room.

The intruder was identified by the Sheriff's Office report as Marcia Watson, who apologized, but refused to leave and then asked for some water.

"I kept telling her, more than a few items, 'Get out of my house!' She still wouldn't back away from me any further, didn't even try to leave." said Reed, who called 911.

Sheriff's deputies later found Watson had locked herself in the master bedroom with some Pepsi.

When Watson finally came out of the bedroom, she reportedly rambled about her dad buying her a house, drinking alcohol and picking flowers.

She was charged for trespassing.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel and My Fox Orlando


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