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Girl, 12, Killed By Pennsylvania Constable During Family's Eviction (Video)

A 12-year-old girl, Ciara Meyer, was shot and killed by a constable who was serving an eviction notice to her father, Donald B. Meyer, on Jan. 11 in Duncannon, Pennsylvania (video below).

According to state police, Donald opened his front door and shut it on Pennsylvania State Constable Clarke Steele, reopened the door, exchanged words with Steele and allegedly pointed a loaded .223 caliber rifle at the constable, who drew his .40 caliber handgun and fired, notes WHTM.

Donald was shot in the arm by Steele, but the bullet passed through and fatally struck Ciara who was standing behind her father. She died at the scene.

Donald was flown to hospital, and later charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and reckless endangerment. 

Ciara had stayed home from school because she was sick.

Constable Bill Stoeffler, a spokesman with the Commonwealth Constables Association, told The Washington Post that Steele was “devastated” over the shooting, and added, "He’s absolutely heartbroken over the outcome of this.”

Constables in Pennsylvania are elected and have limited law enforcement capabilities, which include serving eviction notices.

Stouffer added that Steele “had no place to retreat to" and “had to respond immediately.”

According to Stouffer, Steele “managed to get his gun out and fire one round," find cover and call for backup.

Sources: WHTMThe Washington Post / Photo credit: WHTM

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