Girl, 10, Dies Mysteriously In Zimbabwe


Confusion, fear and grief have gripped the suburban Zimbabwean town of Bulawayo. Buhle Mulaudzi, 10, was found dead by neighborhood children, following a mysterious incident that is still under investigation.

The young girl's body was found hanging from a tree she frequently played in. Neighborhood children happened to walk by the scene upon finding her and ran to tell their parents the young girl was dead.

"Children who were playing outside came shouting that Buhle was dead and we thought they were joking, as we do not expect children to know about death," a neighbor told local news outlet Bulawayo 24.

"She looked like she was still breathing but by the time we raised the alarm she was dead," the woman continued. "Her sister Mimi untied her from the tree. It was heartbreaking to watch her sobbing as she begged her sister to breathe."

"We are in shock and we do not know how to take the bad news. She was a cheerful member of the class," said a teacher.

According to all who were close with the child, she was happy, intelligent and had "no capacity" to kill herself, both mentally and emotionally. For this reason, it is suspected that her death was either an accident or something more sinister.

“She was a pathfinder at the Sabbath Day Adventist (SDA). She used to play with the rope, swinging under the tree. She loved singing and sharing scriptures during our evening devotions,” said a grief stricken Sibusisiwe Mulaudzi, the mother of the diseased girl, according to Nehanda Radio.

“To say she committed suicide pains us a lot as she was too young to do that. She was an intelligent child. She was a star who always came first at school and received several accolades. She didn’t have the mentality to kill herself,” said Mulaudzi,

“I am still struggling to come to grips with the tragedy. I still cannot believe my child is gone,” the mother added.

The incident, which occurred in broad daylight at 3:00 p.m. local time, is being treated as an accidental suicide, though foul play has not been ruled out as of yet.

Sources: Bulawayo 24 NewsNehanda Radio


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