Man Makes Shocking Discovery In Sinkhole (Photos)


When a Kentucky man was mowing the lawn of the farm where he worked, he spotted a sinkhole on the property and decided to look inside. What he saw deep down in the hole shocked him, to say the least.

A human skull estimated to be between 1,000 and 3,000 years old was found in the sinkhole, according to WKYT.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton confirmed that the skull was human and said that it had been down there for years. The sinkhole was roughly 12 feet deep.

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The case was originally investigated as a homicide, but after Franklin County Coroner Will Harrod determined the remains were from a Native American who lived thousands of years ago, the investigation was suspended.

"The skull was flat-faced," Harrod told The State Journal. "A lot of the teeth were extremely worn. The suturing of the bones in the skull gave us the indication it was Native American."

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Harrow added that they believe the skull belonged to a male, but "that's pure speculation at this point."

"We appreciate the work of Mr. Harrod and Sheriff Pat Melton in helping recover these priceless artifacts," property owner Susan Knoll said. "We will work with the proper authorities to reinter the remains to the original site."

Sources: The State JournalWKYT / Photo Credit: WKYT, Facebook via Daily Mail

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