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Giant Rat Gets Stuck In Toilet While Trying To Enter Hotel Room

A picture of a giant rat trapped in a toilet pipe has gone viral after it was posted on Reddit Oct. 15.

The incident occurred at a hotel in the United States, Daily Mail reported.

“This was at a hotel my uncle was staying at,” user Cecebird wrote on Reddit, according to Daily Mail. “In his hotel room he heard scratching in his bathroom.”

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The man went to check what it was and discovered the rodent trapped at the bottom of the toilet.

He called on hotel staff, who came up to the room and removed the animal after dismantling the toilet.

The unnamed guest took the picture of the incident.

Cecebird titled the Reddit post containing the picture “Rats and toilets…I didn’t know it could actually happen! One of my biggest fears as a child,” Yahoo news reported.

The hotel and its location were not mentioned on the Reddit post.

Cecebird suggested what they would do in such a situation.

“I would check out immediately! If it happened once, it could happen again,” the user wrote, according to Daily Mail.

The picture has been viewed over 1 million times.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo News/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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