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Giant Kite Accidentally Launches 5-Year-Old Boy 60 Feet In The Air, Kills Him (Video)

A child from Vietnam died tragically after being tangled in a giant kite and flung 60 feet in the air.

Van Minh Dat, 5, was helping his mother run a soft drink stand at the Dong Dieu kite field in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's largest city, the Daily Mail reports.

Kite flyers had gathered in the field to practice for an upcoming festival. Poor weather conditions made one of the kite flyers lose control, and that’s when the unthinkable happened.

“One of the lines snagged a table near the drinks stand and knocked over some chairs as well,” Dat’s aunt told the Daily Mail. “Dat had run over to pick up some of the fallen soft drink bottles when his leg got tangled in the kite string, which just took off when it was hit by strong winds.”

The kite, which had a 49-foot span, launched the boy 60 feet in the air as onlookers screamed in terror.

The aunt said she and a few others tried to pull the kite back down but it was impossible to stop.

The string holding Dat up snapped and the boy fell to the ground. He was still alive after the impact but he died from injuries while on the way to the hospital.

A city council spokesperson said officials are usually present at these events to keep children away from the kites. The spokesperson added that because the boy was working with his mother at one of the stands, he was probably overlooked.

Officials are investigating.

Warning: This is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Daily Mail


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