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Ghoulish: Man Steals Video Games from Teen's Coffin

Police in Pennsylvania are looking for a man who they say pulled off a ghoulish theft -- stealing items from a teenager's coffin.

Bradley McCombs, 17, was killed in a car crash on Christmas Day. His stricken family decided to bury him with his handheld videogame consoles and a few games. But during a viewing at a funeral home on Monday, somebody stole the items rights out of the coffin.

Police say the thief is 38-year-old Jody Lynn Bennett. His family is friends with the McCombs. Bennett reportedly ran out of the funeral home after being confronted about the theft.

Bennett's aunt, who was not present at the time, said her nephew is troubled. "(He) had been into drugs, he's into alcohol, he's just messed up," Dianna Bennett said. "I sort of figured they would be looking for him."

He is accused of stealing a Game Boy, Game Boy Light and three games.


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