'Ghostbusters 2' Actor Dies From Suicide At 29 (Photos)


Henry "Hank" Deutschendorf of "Ghostbusters 2" fame was found dead June 14 after hanging himself in Escondido, California. He was 29 years old.

The former child actor's twin brother, William, found him hanging in his closet in the apartment Hank shared with his girlfriend, the San Diego Coroner's report said, according to E! News.

William cut Hank down and called 911, but when emergency responders arrived, they found that his body was stiff from being dead for some time.

Deutschendorf, the nephew of singer-songwriter John Denver, played Baby Oscar in "Ghostbusters 2," the supernatural comedy sequel that starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis.

According to the actor's brother, Deutschendorf waged a long battle with schizoaffective disorder, often described as a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder, which, for Hank, was bipolar disorder, William wrote in a statement announcing Hank's death on his funding page for the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

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"I will remember him as my best friend, my partner, my brother, and the bravest man I have ever known," William wrote, adding that many others fondly remember him as a "brother, son, martial artist, teacher, uncle, or friend."

Deutschendorf, who was diagnosed in August 2008, suffered from depression, mania, hallucinations and delusions and had 25 different voices in his head, most of whom "did not like Hank," said William, who added that his brother "felt like a zombie, lost his personality, gained weight quickly, slept for twelve hours a day, and had to use all of his willpower just to lift his hand to drink a cup of water" when he was medicated.

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"If you knew Hank before his diagnosis, you knew a young man who was upbeat, healthy, witty, kind, outgoing, and was always ready to stand up for people," added William. "Medication curbed the delusions but it did not stop the voices. … Hank would have good days and bad days. He didn't take a real sick day for the past nine years that I can remember."

Though he tried dieting, fasting, supplementing, exercising, taking alternative medicine, cleansing and practicing spirituality, among other measures, none of them helped Deutschendorf "live the life he wanted to live," and left him with "a Band-Aid for a gunshot wound," said his twin.

In Deutschendorf's memory, William said he is working to "immediately spread awareness about schizophrenia, bipolar, and suicide prevention" and hopes that others will do the same and support the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

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