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‘Ghostbuster’ Huang Jianjun Arrested for Performing Exorcism With His Penis

A self-described “Ghostbuster” in China’s Guangdong Province allegedly charges a young woman 20,000 yuan, $3,279, to perform an exorcism on her vagina with his penis.

A Xin, who works in a spice shop, came to Huang Jianjun for help getting the attention of her boss, who she had a crush on. She met him in a hotel room, where he asked her to strip naked and lay on a bed so he could examine her.

“Huang then convinced [the victim] to have intercourse after explaining that ghosts in her vagina are preventing her boss from falling in love with her - ghosts he could only catch with his penis,” the Global Times reported.

Jianjun told the police that he couldn’t have sex with the victim because his diabetes has left him unable to get an erection.

He is currently awaiting trial in Guanzhou, according to The Mirror.

Sources: The Mirror, Huffington Post


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