Man Gets His Testicles Cut Off For Stealing A Knife

A Ghanaian man’s testicles were removed after he allegedly stole a knife that belonged to a palm wine tapper at Nkurakan near Koforidua, in the Eastern region.

Isaac Abayitey, 36, was taken to the Koforidua Regional Hospital after unknown assailants attacked the victim in his house on Thursday, at around 7:30 p.m., the Daily Heritage reported.

Abayitey was able to escape from his attackers into a nearby bush, but they followed and violently beat him before cutting out one of the victim’s testicles and fleeing.

Abayitey woke up the next morning and was able to crawl to the roadside where passer-by saw him and called the police.

The victim’s brother, David, told the Daily Heritage that before the incident took place, a man identified as Opanyin Addy accused Isaac of stealing his palm wine tapping knife and said that he would kill the victim if he did not bring the object back.

Police are investigating the incident to help arrest the perpetrator, the New Juaben Municipal Police Commander, DSP Christopher Quacoo, said.

In April 2013, a woman in China was on trial for allegedly grabbing a man’s genitals after he told her not to park her bicycle in front of his store, the New York Daily News reported. The victim was left untreated and later died from shock.


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