Germany Will Use Drones To Stop Graffiti Artists

At least one country plans on using unmanned drones to help combat a problem other than terrorism.

Germany plans on deploying mini drones to help catch vandals who are defacing the trains that run on the country’s national railway system with graffiti.  

Deutsche Bahn says that most of the graffiti work takes place at night, so the aerial vehicles, which will have four helicopter-style rotors and be capable of shooting high-resolution pictures, will be equipped with thermal imaging technology.

“We have to find news ways to wage the anti-graffiti struggle,” said the head of railways security Gerd Neubeck.

The drones will mainly focus on surveying train depots and won’t be used over public land because of German anti-surveillance laws, according to The Huffington Post.

"We are going to use this technology in problem areas, where taggers are most active," said a spokesman who asked not to be named.  

Deutsche Bahn estimated that it suffered $10 million worth of property damage last year from people spray-painting its carriages

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail


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