German Zookeeper Slams Justin Bieber For Neglecting Illegally Purchased Pet Monkey


A zookeeper criticized Justin Bieber on Wednesday after the pop star purchased an endangered baby monkey on the black market illegally and allegedly neglected it until it required intensive care.

Jenny Niawoehner, the abandoned monkey’s “surrogate mom” at the Hodenhagen Serengeti Wildlife Park in Germany, said she wouldn’t have pleasant things to say to the young pop star if they ever met. Niawoehner noted that Mally, the baby capuchin monkey, was frightened when he first arrived to the zoo after being in Bieber's car – in fact, Mally was so disoriented that zookeepers were unsure if he would recover.

“He needed to be cared for constantly,” Niawoehner said.

Mally was confiscated from Bieber after he flew into Germany last year after a concert because he had failed to present paperwork for the animal. Bieber never returned to collect Mally, despite promises from the 20-year-old’s managers that documents showing the legality of the animal would arrive.

“We can only assume the monkey was not acquired legally,” a spokesperson for the zoo said. “We have never heard from, or seen, Justin Bieber ever since and we do not expect to.”

Mally is now the property of the Federal German government. Niawoehner reported that his condition has much improved since he arrived at the zoo and that he’s very friendly.

Niawoehner’s criticism of Bieber followed recently released information that the singer had never picked up his American bulldog puppy after buying it as a present to himself. The Canadian dog trainer later posted to Facebook threatening that karma would deliver justice to Bieber. 

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Sources: DailyMail, Heat World / Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram, Heat World


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