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German Woman Slept Beside Mother’s Corpse for Eight Months, Could Not Afford Burial

A Munich woman was recently found sharing her sofa bed with her mother’s decomposing corpse for eight months after her death.

The 39-year-old, who was living off unemployment benefits, did not realize that she would not have to pay for the burial of her 70-year-old mother. In Germany, relatives can apply to the state for help with paying the cost of a loved one’s funeral in the event that they cannot afford the expense.

The mother left behind outstanding debt that the daughter was unable to cope with. A bailiff from the district court was sent Thursday to her apartment, in the city's Moosach district, to appraise items to settle the debt.

Officers were called in and when they forced open the door to the apartment they found the body.

Police are investigating whether the daughter was fraudulently claiming her deceased mother’s pension, however they say they do not believe this was the motive for not reporting the death.

At her own request, the daughter is now receiving psychiatric care.

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