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German Woman Convicted of Murdering 5 of Her Babies

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A woman who was fearful of her husband leaving her if she had any more children, killed five of her newborn babies in the woods and is now convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to nine years in jail.

The 29-year-old German woman turned herself in last September.

Authorities said she killed the babies shortly after she gave birth in secret in her home or in the woods after she grew concerned that her husband would leave her if she had more kids.

A court in Flensburg, on Germany’s border, convicted the woman on Thursday of five counts of manslaughter.

The children were born between 2006 and 2012, and the woman has two children who are still alive. Prosecutors wanted her to be sentenced to 10 years in jail while the defense pushed for seven years.

After police took a DNA sample of the deceased children, she turned herself in.

Police have been investigating the case ever since a baby was found dead in a paper-recycling plant in 2006. Later, a second body was found in a car park in 2007.

The three other bodies were later found at the woman’s home in the cellar.

Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt, a prosecutor, said in September during a news conference in Flensburg that the woman was so fearful that her husband would leave her that she killed her children. Her husband did not know anything about the births.

Infanticides in Germany have been making news in recent years. In 2006, a woman was sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing eight of her babies and burying them.

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