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'Our Entire Country Mourns With You': Germany Pays Tribute To Woman Who Died After Stopping Assault

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A young woman who was killed after she intervened on the assault of two women in a restaurant bathroom is being praised as a hero throughout the nation.

22-year-old Tugce Albayrak was in a restaurant in Offenbach, Germany on November 15th when she “heard the women screaming for help.” Later, while in the restaurant parking lot, Albayrak was attacked with a bat and beaten to death by one of the men she had stopped earlier.

According to The Independent, Albayrak suffered severe head injuries and was subsequently hospitalized and put on life support. Doctors told her parents that she was declared brain dead and would never regain consciousness, prompting the parents to take her off life support. Albayrak died on Friday, which was her 23rd birthday.

Since Albayrak’s death, many people throughout Germany have held memorial services, and candlelight vigils have taken place outside of the restaurant where she stopped the attackers who ultimately took her life. Some attendees at the vigils have taken to wearing t-shirts and holding signs that say “We love you” and “Thank you, Tugce” in German.

A petition to award her the national order of merit has garnered over 50,000 signatures, prompting a response from German President Joachim Gauck.

“Like countless citizens, I am shocked and appalled by this terrible act. Tugce has earned gratitude and respect from us all,” Gauck said in a statement. “She will always remain a role model to us, our entire country mourns with you. Where other people looked the other way, Tugce showed exemplary courage and moral fortitude.”

Albayrak’s killer, 18 years old, is currently in custody.

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