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Funeral Home Worker Passes Out After 92-Year-Old Woman Opens Her Coffin And Starts Speaking

A 92-year-old German woman nearly scared an undertaker to death on Monday. The funeral director passed out from shock when the woman opened her coffin and asked, “Where am I?”

The lady was pronounced dead at a retirement home only a few hours earlier and was transported to the funeral home in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Metro reports. She was taken to the Munstermann funeral parlor.

The woman's emergence from her coffin shocked the funeral director, who passed out. When he awoke, he called an ambulance to tend to the woman. She was taken to the hospital and her family was told that she was still alive. However, she became extremely sick and died on Monday afternoon.

Police are investigating why she was prematurely pronounced dead.

According to the police, the woman lived in a nursing home and was found in bed by a caretaker. The caretaker called a doctor, who pronounced the 92-year-old dead.

The funeral home workers then arrived and brought the woman away.

Lother Burger, the retirement home director, was understandably distraught.

He said: “This is terrible and inexplicable. We are being devoured by the press, we are being pilloried.”

An investigation is ongoing to determine how and why the mistake was made.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro

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