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Massachusetts Man’s 3-Month-Old Puppy Takes Car For Spin Off The Road

After a Massachusetts man started his car, his 3-month-old German shepherd decided to jump in and take it for a “drive” — right into a pond.

John Costello says that he took his dog Rosie out for a walk around Bolivar Pond in Canton on Sunday, then started the car up and got ready to go home. That is when the puppy got in and hit the gas pedal, sending the car into the pond.

“The dog just jumped into the car and hit the gear shift … when she slammed it into drive she fell on top of the gas pedal,” Costello told local television station WFXT-TV. “The car went for a swim. We all did.”

With the help of a couple of passers-by who witnessed the incident, Costello was able to pull the dog to safety before the car was completely submerged in the pond. The car has been totaled.

Even police were flabbergasted by Costello’s 911 call.

"I've never heard of a puppy driving a car into a pond," Officer Robert Quirk of the Canton police said.

Quirk tweeted that Rosie is in the “doghouse,” and that she was “just going with the flow of traffic.”

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Sources: MyFox Boston, Twitter

Photos Courtesy of Officer Robert Quirk


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