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German Shepherd Leads Rescuers Back to Tragic Auto Scene

BROWARD COUNTY, Florida --- Firefighters had received a report of an auto accident on Monday night, March 12, but their search on State Road 84 in central Broward County after dark had been futile.

That is until a German Shepherd limped toward them, got their attention, then changed course and led them back about a quarter mile to the tragic scene of his master's death.

Gregory Todd Travers, 41, apparently lost control of his vehicle near Davie and crashed into a bridge support before his auto rolled into the stretch of road where Simon took first responders, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. 

"I think the dog definitely meant to lead them there," Davie Batallion Chief Robert Belizaire stated,"I think he was out there looking for some help." After the dog and rescuers reached the car, Simon circled his owner twice, then licked him, trying to get a response, Belizaire said.

When that failed, he jumped in the car and waited. Simon was taken to Broward County’s animal shelter, where he was later picked up by Travers’ wife, and taken home, the Associated Press reports.


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