German Security Official Warns Citizens to Stop Using American Sites if They Want Privacy

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German's top security official has warned that European citizens who are worried about America spying on them should stop using Google, Facebook and any other site that is based out of America. 

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich advised everyone to stop using American websites to avoid being intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Many in Europe are outraged over the NSA spying on phone records and Internet traffic. U.S. intelligence officials say the programs target foreigners and terrorist suspects who are mostly overseas.

"Whoever fears their communication is being intercepted in any way should use services that don't go through American servers," Friedrich said on Wednesday.

He said German officials are in contact with the U.S. "on all levels" and are flying to Washington next week to discuss the claims that ordinary citizens and European diplomats were being spied on.

Immediately after the NSA scandal, Friedrich said he did not think it was a reason to turn away from America.

He said turning his back on the country "is not how you deal with friends who are in the fight against terrorism, our most important partners."

Sources: Daily Mail, Venture Beat


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