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German Nurse Admits To Murdering 30 Patients Out Of 'Boredom'

A 38-year-old German nurse, only identified as Niels H. because of German privacy laws, has allegedly admitted to murdering 30 people under his care.

According to Deustche Welle, Niels is currently on trial in Oldenburg, Germany accused of murdering three people. But he admitted to a court-appointed psychiatrist that he killed as many as 30 people out of “boredom.” Niels also said he wanted to practice his self-described “excellent” resuscitation skills. 

The death rate at the clinic in Delmenhorst, where Niels allegedly killed patients, apparently doubled during his tenure as a nurse there, but his time there coincided with the opening of a new cancer treatment ward. The state prosecutor is now investigating the deaths of 174 patients who died during Niel’s time there, from 2003 to 2005.

In 2008, Niels was convicted of attempting to murder a patient and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. In the new trial, Niels is accused of injecting patients with a drug that causes cardiovascular side effects. If the patient survived the first dose, Niels would sometimes inject the person a second time.

A doctor at the clinic who testified in September said Niels was a "passionate medic" who made a good impression on his fellow staff members. The doctor did add that he found it strange that Niels was always on hand when patients were being resuscitated. 

Investigators will also look into deaths at Niel’s previous jobs in Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, as well as his work as a paramedic, which he performed in addition to his nursing job.

Source: Deustche Welle  Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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