German Man Forgets Bride at Gas Station During Honeymoon

One newlywed couple began their marriage off on the wrong foot when a German groom drove for two hours down the highway before figuring out he had forgotten his new bride at a gas station.

“My first reaction was: is he stupid?” the 33-year-old bride recalled the incident on a private radio station FFH. “I had no money and no telephone.”

The husband had pulled over at a gas station to fill up their van while heading home to Berlin from France, according to the Associated Press. The husband drove off, not knowing that his bride had stepped out to use the bathroom.

He only realized his mistake after driving 125 miles.

The man thought his bride was asleep in the back of their mini-bus and kept driving for two and a half hours, only wondering why the children were acting up, the wife said.

Police said the couple was reunited after five hours at the gas station, according to AFP.

Despite the long wait, the wife told the radio station she didn’t told a grudge.

“I’m not angry with my husband,” she said. “He didn’t mean it.”

Sources: AFP, Associated Press


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