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'I Only Put 4 Or 5 Drops In Her Tea': Man Drugs Girlfriend To Play Video Games

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A German man has been fined after he confessed to drugging his girlfriend so that he could continue playing video games.

The 23-year-old told a court that his girlfriend arrived home while he was playing video games with his friend in August 2014, The Local reported. Since he did not want to stop playing, he decided to drug his 24-year-old girlfriend’s tea in order to make her sleep.

“I only put four or five drops into her tea,” the man told the court.

The sedative reportedly caused the woman to sleep until midday the next day. Even though she awoke, she was still falling asleep throughout the day due to the drug.

The man confessed his crime to the girl that day. The couple separated a few days later.

The woman told the court that the man had been doing drugs at the time.

Lab analysis of the woman’s hair revealed that she had only been under the influences of the drugs once -- when her boyfriend had drugged her.

“Your girlfriend slept long and deeply,” a judge told him at his sentencing, “which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.”

“It was stupid, but now I’m on a straight path,” the man told the court.

He has been sentenced to pay roughly $550 in fines. He has since been allegedly off drugs for 10 months and intends to start an apprenticeship soon. 

Source: TheLocal, Independent

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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