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German Animal Brothels Spread, Beastility a 'Lifestyle Choice'

German livestock protection officer Madeleine Martin has warned that the criminalization of animal porn has led to an increase in bestiality — an act increasingly being labeled as a “lifestyle choice.”

Martin talked about a Gross-Gerau farmer in Southwest Germany whose friendly sheep had begun to shy away from human contact. After installing a camera into the rafters of his farm, he found that several men snuck in at night to sexually assault his sheep.

Erotic animal zoos and animal brothels have now reportedly become popular in Germany where demand is high and bestiality has been legal since 1969.

Martin has lobbied for strict laws banning bestiality and encouraged Parliament to inspect the issue. The national Animal Protection Code, which would fine first time offenders at least $30,000, is currently being debated.

Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of Germany’s agriculture committee, said the law would specifically forbid using an animal for individual sexual acts and outlaw “pimping” of animals for sexual use.

Michael Kiok, chairman of ZETA, Germany’s zoophile group, has opposed lawmakers challenging bestiality.

“Mere concepts of morality have no business being law,” Kiok said, who protested outside the German Parliament against the proposed law. He also handed out fliers explaining that animals can defend themselves against unwanted sexual advances and that a lack of defense qualifies as consent.

Kiok brought his “partner,” Cissy, a dog. In an interview, Kiok said that he and Cissy felt like criminals because of fanatical animal rights demonstrators.

ZETA has promised to challenge Germany Parliament if the law is enacted.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitir


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