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Geraldo Rivera Says ‘C—ksucking F-ggot’ Is 'Not A Homophobic Slur’ (Video)

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera claims that Alec Baldwin did not use a homophobic slur when he called a photographer a “c—ksucking f-ggot" in November.

Rivera appeared on the “Hannity” show Thursday while host Sean Hannity critized A&E Networks for suspending “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson indefinitely over his anti-gay remarks in an interview with GQ.

Rivera said the people who criticized Robertson are the same people who criticized Alec Baldwin, whose MSNBC show was cancelled over remarks he made to a photographer amid his stalking trial against Genevieve Sabourin.

“I think Alec Baldwin was drummed off MSNBC by fundamentalist gay activists,” Rivera said, echoing the same sentiment as Baldwin after his show was cancelled.

“When I heard about what Alec Baldwin - Alec Baldwin had a history of making these homophobic slurs,” said panelist Rachael Sklar, a CNN contributor and NYC attorney.

“That wasn't a homophobic slur,” interrupted Rivera.

“Oh, okay,” said Sklar, “and yet he is no longer on the network.”

“I mean if you grew up where we grew up,” Rivera said. “Sean, Baldwin and I grw up within a 10-mile radius of each other and when we were growing up, in my year especially, those comments were commonplace.”

“Things have changed, Geraldo,” Sklar told him.

“You have to give people some slack,” Rivera argued.

Rivera previously told Fox & Friends Robertson’s suspension is “political correctness that’s gotten malignant.”

He said it’s “ridiculous” because Robertson’s view was embraced by the “majority of people” until recently. He accused A&E of “victimizing” the 67-year-old. 

In an op-ed for Fox News Nation, Rivera accused GQ of baiting Robertson. 

"The blurted crazy talk from Baldwin and Robertson was benign and said with sincerity," Rivera wrote. "Theirs had none of the mean-spirited creepiness of Martin Bashir’s defecation-laced tirade directed at former governor Sarah Palin. GLAAD doesn’t do itself any favors attacking Phil Robertson. He’s a beloved figure who got hoodwinked by a clever reporter, who allowed Phil to be himself."

Sources: Fox News, Media Matters


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