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Geraldo Rivera Predicts Mostly-White Jury Will Free George Zimmerman (Video)

Speaking on "Fox & Friends" this morning, Geraldo Rivera predicted that George Zimmerman would be acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin because the majority of the jurors are white women who cannot relate to witnesses such as Rachel Jeantel.

While testifying this week, Jeantel said that Martin described Zimmerman as a “creepy, white, kill-my-neighbors cracker ... He looked like a creepy a-- cracker,” noted (video below).

Referring to Jeantel, Rivera said: "I think black people looked at her testimony, 19-year-old semi-illiterate girlfriend of Trayvon Martin, in a sympathetic way. She used colloquialisms, some of them offensive, like the 'white cracker' stuff ... This is the opposite of the O.J. Simpson case and is dividing the nation racially. Here you have a white, a Hispanic, but a white in the eyes of many, a white accused of killing a black with an all-white, essentially, all-white jury."

Actually, there is one minority female on the jury, the rest are white, but all are female.

“I can’t imagine how the five white ladies on that six lady jury can look at Rachel and identify with her in the way that I believe a lot of the supporters of Trayvon Martin are relating to her, Rivera said. "Her testimony was rambling in some ways, defiant and defensive, in some cases incoherent, but in other ways it was sincere, earthy. I still believe that how you see this case and how this case is developing depends on whether you’re white or black. I hate to say that.”

"I believe that George Zimmerman will be acquitted," Rivera concluded.



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