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Geraldo Rivera Defends Jodi Arias Against Arizona Death Penalty

Jodi Arias, who claims she killed ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in self-defense, has found an advocate in Fox News' Geraldo Rivera.

Alexander was shot in the face, stabbed 27 times and had his throat cut by Arias.

However, Rivera believes that if Arias is convicted of murder she should not get the death penalty, which prosecutors are calling for in her trial.

Rivera noticed that Jodi Arias was following him on Twitter, so he tweeted: "Just heard Jody [sic] Arias follows me on twitter. Maybe because I think it is barbaric for State to avenge Travis’ death by killing her. Shameful."

Rivera offered no condemnation to Arias, who lied to police numerous times regarding Alexander, who bled to death in the shower.

According to, Arias' Twitter account is managed by a friend who tweets quotes from Arias, including attacks on HLN, which has closely covered the trial.

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