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Georgia Woman Tried To Swallow Crack Cocaine During Arrest, Police Say

Georgia police stopped a woman from swallowing a small quantity of crack cocaine Friday while she was being arrested in the town of Douglas, authorities reported. 

Officers from the Douglas-Coffee Drug Unit encountered Linda Blank, 48, on Friday, according to WALB News. 

It is unclear exactly why or how she came into contact with the officers. The incident was reported by both WALB and WXIA News, but neither outlet indicated why she was stopped. 

After a brief investigation, the detectives reportedly learned Blank was wanted on a probation violation warrant and a bench warrant for shoplifting, according to WXIA News. WALB reports she was also wanted for theft by receiving. 

According to the arrest report obtained by WALB, officers discovered Blank was attempting to chew up and swallow a small amount of crack cocaine as she was being arrested. The officers were able to stop her before she swallowed the drugs, the report notes. 

Blank has since been charged with possession of cocaine. 

Blank’s story surfaces nearly four months after a Massachusetts man tried to swallow a much larger quantity of drugs while being arrested. 

In March, Springfield police were about to arrest 44-year-old Abraham Leon on suspicion of selling heroin when they reportedly noticed him stuff two bundles of the drug into his mouth, according to WSHM News. 

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney, the department's spokesman, suggested in a news release that it was a desperate attempt to swallow the bundles, each consisting of 10 smaller bags of heroin. 

“Well unless you're a hippopotamus there is no way anyone could swallow two bundles of dope,” Delaney said. “The arresting officer put out his hand and the dealer spit out the twenty bags like a Pez dispenser.”

Sources: WALB News, WXIA News, WSHM News

Photo Credit: Police photo via WALB News


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