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Georgia Woman Senselessly Attacked While Jogging; Suspect Still At Large

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Earlier this week, Tina Waddell, 42, was ambushed by an unknown man while she was jogging the Silver Comet trail in Paulding, Ga.

The random attack left her so badly disfigured that even her husband did not recognize her when he first saw her following the incident. Her husband, Jim, recalled that terrible moment to Fox News, "When I first saw her… the emotions came out because that's not my wife."

The Daily Mail described the harrowing moments following the incident. "After the assault the attacker dragged Mrs Waddell into the woods where he left her. As Mrs. Waddell regained consciousness she managed to drag herself on to the trail where she was seen by Peter Skott who immediately rang 911."

Jim Waddell has no idea who could have had any reason to harm his wife. Trying to make sense of the incident, a hopeless Waddell stated, "I don't know... Could he [have] been on drugs? Was [sex what] he wanted and just didn't get it?'"

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Sexual assault is not on the radar of local police in this case, however. No possible ulterior motives have been identified that could have sparked this senseless attack.

Skott, the man who found Waddell and called the police, is not suspected of any crime.

Joe Waddell, Jim's brother, was also interviewed following the incident. He stated, "Tina fought for her life. This guy's got injuries, somebody out there has to know something. I'm a fireman and I've seen a lot of things, but I was not prepared to see when I walked in that hospital room."

Today, Tina Waddell will undergo the first of a series of reconstructive surgeries that her family hopes will restore her life to some degree of normalcy. While doctors hope they can heal her physical wounds, only time can heal Mrs. Waddell's mental and emotional wounds following the horrific attack.


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