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61-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Shooting Sex Offender In Her House

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Police officials arrested a 61-year-old woman in Madison County, Georgia, after she fired her gun at a registered sex offender.

According to FOX 5, Eddie L. Manley fired the shots because she did not want the sex offender on her property.

Responding to a call to his home, police found the man with a gunshot wound in his foot. He claimed that Manley, his neighbor, shot him.

Manley's boyfriend had allegedly allowed the sex offender to enter their home in order to collect some items he left after he went to prison. While he was still at the house, Manley entered and ordered him to leave.

According to the sex offender, he then heard gunshots and ran from the home. He discovered later that he was wounded.

His wounds were superficial, with a few cuts on his toe caused by a pellet. 

Manley later admitted to shooting the man, claiming that she wanted to "get the message across to stay off her property."

She claimed that the man never told her the true reason he went to prison and when he saw him she committed a crime of passion. 

Manley has since been charged with aggravated assault as well as "making a terroristic threat and pointing a pistol at another," according to FOX 5.

Source: FOX 5, / Photo Credit: FOX 5


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