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Georgia Woman Allegedly Steals Nearly $10K from Girl Scouts

Darlene Jo Lewis, former treasurer of a Georgia Girl Scout troop, allegedly stole $9,800 from the group from 2010 to 2012.

Lewis, who had a daughter in Troop 798 in Douglasville, reportedly used the money on gifts and senior dating service. Held in jail, she now faces felony theft charges.

Douglasville police fear the loss will mean the troop with have to shut down.

This news comes just after two Girl Scout Troops in Portland, Ore., were swindled by a hoaxer. Someone posing as a representative of a large corporation ordered $24,000 worth of cookies, which would earn the girls enough "cookie credits" to attend summer camp. When 6,000 boxes of cookies were delivered, the hoaxer didn't pay up.

Strangers who sympathized with the girls turned up to by the overordered cookies, selling nearly half of the order in one day.

(Daily Mail, Fox News)


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