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Waitress Finds $1,300 Cash On Table -- And Does Something Amazing (Video)

A waitress in Columbus, Georgia, is being hailed a hero after she returned $1,300 in cash that was left on a table by a couple.

Reports say that Kantessa Smith, also known as Tessa, was working a shift at Country’s Barbecue when she noticed the cash on a table while cleaning it off.

“I had clean [sic] off the tables and I saw a bunch of trash on the tables, so I tried to grab it but when I did, it wouldn't bend so I opened it and I found a lot of money in an envelope so I just went and found my manager,” Tessa, a single mother of two kids, explained to KPHO.

After handing over the 13 $100 bills, Tessa and her manager reviewed surveillance cameras to get snapshots of the customers’ faces and posted the images to social media in the hopes of tracking the couple down.

“We got cameras everywhere so he found the time that they came and the time that they left and we went in the office and found them on the camera and zoomed in on the camera and we took pictures and posted on Facebook to see if anyone would notice them,” Tessa said.

Soon after posting the photos on social media, the couple was located and the money was returned the next day.

The story of Tessa Smith’s heroic actions have gone viral, but despite all the praise, the young woman says she was simply returning something that didn’t belong to her and doing as she was raised.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise money to help the single mom, and so far, nearly half of the $1,300 goal has been reached.

Sources: KPHO, Fox 2 Now

Photo Source: Fox 2 Now via Country’s Barbecue on Facebook


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