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Georgia Teen Leaves Heartwarming Thank You Note On Veteran's Car

A 13-year-old boy from Georgia wanted to pay his respects to a local veteran, so the teen left a sweet note on his car that went viral after the veteran's shared it on Facebook.

Tom Robinson's wife Jerilynn noticed a strange piece of paper that had been left on their vehicle and feared someone had hit the car. The handwritten letter, however, turned out to be one left by 13-year-old James Dorris, who noticed the Tom's veteran license plate and wanted to express his gratitute.

"I was surprised," Tom reportedly told WFLA-TV. "This is one of the very first notes I've ever gotten left on my vehicle, just thanking me for being a veteran, or for serving. And that did it. That brought joy to me."

Jerilynn posted the note to Facebook. In it, the boy writes, "God loves you. Thank you for serving. I appreciate your sacrifices." 

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The Blaze reports that Tom and James met this week in person where the veteran was able to thank the teen.

Source: The Blaze / Photo Credit: The Blaze


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