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Georgia Teen Faces Multiple Charges For Three-State Crime Spree With Boyfriend

A 17-year-old girl in Milton, Georgia, stole her mother’s car, drained her bank account, and set out on a three-state crime spree with her boyfriend.

Police charged Ivie Jade Adams, 17, with multiple felonies, including auto theft and financial credit card fraud.

“It started with the 17-year-old taking the car from her mother,” said Lt. Charles Barstow of the Milton Police Department, according to WSB-TV. “She snuck out overnight. Met up with a juvenile male, ended up down at a local bank where they withdrew all the funds from the mom’s bank account, and headed to Florida.”

Upon arriving in Jacksonville, Florida, Adams and her boyfriend ditched her mother’s car and stole another vehicle, then drove to the Florida Panhandle, and on to Alabama.

“It would appear from what we recovered from the mother’s vehicle down in Jacksonville that they were entering other automobiles, either on their way down there or while they were in Florida,” Barstow said.

The couple was arrested in Dothan, Alabama.

“This is not something we see on a regular basis, but given the nature of today’s society, it’s still somewhat of a shock,” Barstow said.

Adams was reportedly a “good girl” before she took off on her crime spree.

“Never got in no trouble,” Claude Banks, who knows Adams, told WSB-TV. “Straight home from school. No trouble at all. Very sorry for her mom. Praying for her mom and hope that Jade is OK.”

Adams’s underage boyfriend will not be charged unless new evidence surfaces.

This is not the first teen couple crime spree to happen this year.

In June, Triston Kindle, 16, and Rose May, 15, both from Ohio, ran away together in a stolen vehicle and committed crimes across three states, FOX News reported. They were apprehended in West Virginia.

The teen couple is suspected of committing multiple crimes, including armed robbery, car theft, and fleeing from police.

Sources: WSB-TV, FOX News / Photo credit: WSB-TV

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