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Georgia Tech Students Push for Guns on Campus

The battle for guns on the campus of Georgia Tech is on -- one group is teaming up with a national organization to convince officials to allow them to carry guns at the school.

"We just had a robbery last night," Andrés Celedón, chairman of the Georgia Tech College Republicans, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It's just really allowing kids a way to defend themselves."

Celedón said his group is joining forces with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus in its effort to repeal the law that prohibits guns at all colleges in Georgia. State lawmakers regularly uphold the ban, and that suits the universities just fine.

"We believe that the safest environment is to prohibit firearms from being present in our classrooms, in our labs, in our dormitories and on our campuses," said Tom Daniel, senior vice chancellor for external affairs for the University System of Georgia.

But gun supporters say things are different this time around. There has been a series of robberies, burglaries, assaults and one rape, both on and off campus. They say campus police is not enough.

"They believe in law abiding citizens protecting themselves," said Jason Stubbs, state director for Georgia Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.


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