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Georgia Tech Student Found With Injuries Reportedly Jumped Off Bridge Onto A Moving Train


New details have emerged concerning the injuries sustained by a Georgia Tech student who disappeared from a campus party a week ago, CBS46 reported.

James Hubert, 24, reportedly went missing after attending a sorority party at a campus establishment on Oct. 16.

The young man, who was studying aerospace engineering at the Atlanta-area institution, was found two days later, bloodied and lying face down in a ditch. Hubert, who was found using cellphone tracking technology, was reportedly discovered next to railroad tracks operated by CSX, an international rail company.

Hubert's family originally said he had been robbed after leaving the sorority party.

"He got mugged. He left the party and we think he said somebody mugged him. They ripped all his clothes and his wallet and watch and phone out left him for dead," the man's mother, Diane, posted on her Facebook page at the time her son was found.

She has since removed the post.

The family said Hubert was on a Marta train that night, which authorities later confirmed to be false.

CBS46 Investigative Reporter Karyn Greer has since uncovered the details about what may have happened to Hubert the night he disappeared, the news site reported on Oct. 27.  

According to CBS46, Hubert jumped off a bridge onto the top of a moving train after leaving the campus party. The young man, whose nickname is reportedly 007, appeared to be mimicking James Bond in the opening scene of the movie, "Skyfall."

The entire incident has reportedly been captured on surveillance video, which is now in the possession of authorities.

According to a post on his mother's Facebook page, Hubert suffered bruises to his face, broken vertebrae, broken ribs, a punctured lung, bleeding in the brain and paralysis, NY Daily News reported on Oct. 20. He was treated in an intensive care unit at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Hubert had reportedly spent three nights and two days lying outside in temperature as low as 30 degrees before he was discovered. He consequently had to be evaluated for hypothermia as well as his injuries, according to NY Daily News.

After he was found, Hubert initially told friends and family conflicting stories of what had happened to him.

"We’ve gotten out of him, 'I was jumped by a homeless person,'" Hubert's friend, Emma Jeffery, told WXIA on Oct. 19.

"Then we got, he 'was beat up by a group of people,' then he said he was 'hit by a train,'" she added.

Law enforcement officials said Hubert might be facing charges in the incident.

The number of train-related accidents in the U.S. rose 2.1 percent between 2012 and 2015, according to statistics published by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Sources: CBS46, New York Daily News, WXIA, FRA / Photo credit: Didi Olivia/WXIA


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