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Georgia Tech Sophomore Nick Selby Delivers Epic Freshman Convocation Speech (Video)

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Sophomore Nick Selby took to the stage during Georgia Tech’s freshman convocation in a now viral video, welcoming the new students with unrestrained enthusiasm in a two-minute motivational speech.

When Selby began, it appeared he would drone in his point Dexter voice, promoting the engineering program.

“We want to do the impossible,” Selby began, referring to the spirit of Georgia Tech students.

At 17 seconds, Selby quoted Isaac Newton as the theme song for 2001: A Space Odyssey began to play.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” he said.

At 31 seconds, Selby burst into excitement, motivating incoming freshman to exceed the footsteps of astronauts, Nobel Prize Laureates and presidents who graduated from the school, to crush the shoulders of giants.

“So I’m telling you,” Selby cried, the dramatic score emphasizing his words, “you’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that!”

Selby added that students could build an Iron Man suit if they felt like it, or play music at a convocation speech.

“If you want to play theme music during your convocation speech, like a bad***, you’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that!” Selby roared. “I am doing that!”

Selby flung his arms into the air, breathless, awaiting the epic applause that should accompany such a speech.

While Selby did receive a  half-hearted standing ovation, it hardly matched the enthusiasm and spirit Selby delivered in his speech.

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