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Georgia Store Uses Gay Slur on Sign (Video)

Anil Patel, manager of the PCA Food Store in LaGrange, Ga., recently put up a sign that calls people a gay slur if they were saggy pants.

The sign reads, "Only F--- Like to Keep Their Pants Down!!!!  Pull Your Pants Up Or Be Proud To be a F--!!!!"

“I came up with that sign, nobody else did,” Patel told WSB-TV (video below). “Since that sign went up there, I don’t see no pants down in my store, because they read the sign and they decide what they want to be.”

“It really offends me by them coming in, pants down," added Patel. "So it is not that I’m against them, gay people or anything like that, but just trying to prove a point. If you are going to come in my store, make sure you have your pants on.”

Employee Kerrie Williams defended the sign, “It doesn’t bother me, not a bit. I have a girlfriend and I am gay.”

However, several customers were not amused.

“I couldn’t believe they put something like that up,” said customer Joshua Southern.

“There is other ways to deal with it. You could say, ‘Pull your pants up. Nobody wants to see your butt,’” stated Southern.

"I'm very Upset. I'm enraged," customer Amy Simpson told WTVM.

Patel eventually took the sign down because his father, who owns the store, didn’t like it.

Sources: WTVM and WSB-TV


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