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Georgia Sheriffs Angrily Confront Family Over Civil Fine (Graphic Video)

Donovan Hall recorded deputies from the DeKalb County Sheriff's department in Georgia banging on his door, arresting his mother and yelling at his family on July 26.

Hall was in his home with his younger brother Devon and mother Natania Griffin when deputies started banging on the front door.

Hall writes in a description at the beginning of the video (below): ”At around 1:30am my family and I were awaken by the sound of loud and aggressive banging at our front door."

"The aggressive nature of the banging frightened us so I walked into the guest room that looks over the front of our house and was shocked when I saw 3 large DeKalb County Sheriff SUV’s with large flood lights pointed at our house and windows.”

At about 2:00 a.m. Hill said he called 9-1-1 to "send the police captain to the scene to ensure that we would not be harmed when we open the door.... I waited about another 20-25 minutes for police to show up. No police ever showed up.”

Hall finally decides to open the door, but not before Griffin records a message into the camera: “If I’m dead in the morning, you what it’s because [of]. Do not trust DeKalb County Police. This is retaliation against me."

When the front door is opened by Hall, the officers rush in and arrest Griffin (5:40 mark on video).

“Put cuffs on his big a**! You gonna open the door when I tell you to open the door!” yells an unidentified officer.

Hall writes that the officers tried to turn off his camera, but it kept recording. What is seen at this point is a black screen with audio.

As the tape rolls, more unidentified officers yell profanity at Hall, his brother and mother for not opening the door and calling 9-1-1.

At one point an officer tells the family that they set black people back 40 years by their actions.

Hall claims the DeKalb County Sheriff's Deputies did not have a warrant, but the department told WGCL-TV that they indeed did have a warrant for Griffin’s arrest for failure to pay a civil fine.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's department admitted their officers used inappropriate language, including racial slurs, but defended their actions.

Griffin told WGCL-TV: “They never once told me why they were here, what they wanted, or who they wanted."

Source: WGCL-TV



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