Georgia Restaurant Owners Darren Miller and Dean Patterson Ordered To Remove Patriotic Flags From Roof Of Business


The owners of a restaurant in Georgia have been ordered to take down the patriotic flags that were being flown on the roof of their business. A fine was also initially handed down, but a town administrator has asked for the citation to be thrown out.

CJ's Hot Dogs co-owners Darren Miller and Dean Patterson received a citation on Friday ordering them to remove the nine flags which authorities said violated city of McDonough law, according to Mail Online. The owners reportedly raised the flags for the U.S., the state of Georgia and all branches of the military three months ago.

My Fox Atlanta reports that Miller says the whole place is dedicated to police, fire and military—and it's in his blood. His father is a Vietnam veteran, and he's a retired DeKalb County fireman. The walls of the restaurant are reportedly covered with patches from men and women who also served.

"I'm just floored," said Miller, who received a citation on Friday from a code enforcement officer. "And I called the guy and asked what they're for. And he said I'm in violation with my flags flying above my restaurant."

City Administrator Frederick Gardiner reportedly was unaware that CJ’s was cited and later told Miller that he’s asking for the citation to be voided, according to Fox News. Gardiner says the ordinance classifying flags as signs is too vague and should be rewritten.

“Now the city is backpedalling a little bit, saying now it's a permit issue,” Miller said, according to Mail Online. “I just don't think I should have to pay money to fly the American flag.”

Sources: Mail Online, My Fox Atlanta, Fox News


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