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Georgia Police Refuse To Respond To 911 Call About Black Couple With White Baby

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Georgia police refused to go out on a call after they declared it “racially insensitive.”

A Snellville, Georgia, resident called 911 recently to report a black couple in a car with a white baby, WALB News 10 reports. The anonymous caller explained her concern over the child’s safety.

“This is going to sound really bad but I really don’t care,” the caller said. “There is a little white baby…and no one in the car was white. I know that sounds really bad but there are so many missing children.”

According to Snellville Police Capt. Greg Perry, the officer who received the call decided not to respond.

“Our motto has always been, if you see something say something. However, there are some calls that we will not respond to,” Perry wrote on Facebook. “Kudos to one of our Day Watch Lieutenants for refusing to respond to a call asking us to check to see if a white baby belongs to a black couple. No other information given. This is disgusting.”

Perry noted that the department does not consist of “racially insensitive” investigators. According to Perry, the supervisor who took the call has never dismissed a call, aside from this one.

“It seemed over-the-top insensitive. Our community is very diverse,” Perry said. “Absolutely, he did what I would want him to do.”

Perry noted that the public should verify other facts before making a call. He noted that missing child alerts are also public information. 

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Sources: WALB News 10, Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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