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Georgia Police Officer Shoots Puppy in Head, Dog Survives

A police officer in Jones County, Ga. is accused of shooting a puppy in the head last Sunday after being asked by the owner, Anna Music-Peed, not to shoot her dogs.

The rather large puppy is a pit bull and bull mastiff mix named "Ammo," who is 10 months old.

Music-Peed originally went to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department to ask officers to investigate what she thought was a stolen car on her property.

According to Music-Peed, she warned police twice about her two dogs before they left for her residence.

Music-Peed recalled on her blog how she told the officers, "The puppy may jump, we have been trying to get her out of that.”

She said the officers laughed and told her not to worry about it, but she said again, "Please don’t shoot my dogs, they are my babies.”

After Music-Peed arrived home, she recalled finding her roommate, Kyle Sewall, “sitting on the ground and Ammo [wounded] in his lap.”

Sewall told how the dog got shot: "About 5 minutes later is when the sheriffs pulled up, came flying in. Sergeant Little was exiting the vehicle and as he was exiting I noticed he already had his sidearm trained on Ammo who was just sniffing around the ground wagging her tail."

"And then she looked up at him, did not growl, did not bark, and before I could say anything he fired his weapon. Shot her point blank in the head. I went to go rush toward Ammo and he trained his weapon on me. I identified myself saying, ‘I am Kyle, lower your weapon.’ He did and they allowed me to tend to Ammo.”

Captain Mitchell of the Jones County Sheriff’s office told Music-Peed that her dog was shot because it “charged at” Sergeant Little.

Music-Peed found an emergency pet hospital where a veterinarian saved Ammo's life, but was unable to find the bullet. Ammo now has nerve damage, involuntary eye movements and difficulty walking, which her owner hopes is temporary.

Music-Peed raised money for Ammo's surgery on her Facebook page.



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